A versatile material, ideal for the most diverse applications

A polymer is a complex molecule made up of many molecular groups joined in a chain by repeating the same type of bond (called covalent). Polycarbonate in particular is obtained from carbonic acid and bound by a chemical group deriving from Bisphenol.

It is considered an amorphous substance (which in its solid state has no crystalline structure) and is thermoplastic because it shows variable mechanical properties based on the temperature to which it is exposed (i.e., thermal expansion). It can be adapted to any need, especially in the construction industry.

There are two types of polycarbonates: compact and multiwall.

The immediately apparent feature is the different transparency between the two materials: compact polycarbonate is transparent and more akin to glass. In contrast, multiwall polycarbonate has a cell or air-chamber conformation.

The compact sheet made of this type of material has a “full” structure, like that of a sheet, and is therefore heavier than the multiwall variety, which has air chambers. Compact polycarbonate has a higher price than multiwall polycarbonate and a more elegant aspect, with a more significant scenic impact.

Multiwall polycarbonate is more often used in the industrial sector (for continuous curved roofs, continuous or pitched skylights, that can also be opened, vertical curtain walls, opening sheds, roofs combined with insulated panels). In contrast, compact polycarbonate is mainly applied in interior design and architecture (i.e., shelters, internal partition walls, etc.). However, nothing prevents the use of multiwall polycarbonate in civil construction to build small canopies, covers for gazebos, terraces, verandas, cantilever canopies or small covers for balconies and gardens. Furthermore, it is possible to cold bend the material, increasing its rigidity and making it suitable for any application.

In the field of interior design, polycarbonate allows you to divide spaces without masonry work. It also gives you the option to colour and/or decorate the slabs.

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