Our passion? An ever-innovative construction industry

Young, dynamic, and passionate about their work and characterized by a relentless curiosity, PolyPIÙ has considerable experience in residential and industrial construction.

PolyPIÙ’s current corporate configuration derives from Polyù Italiana Spa, founded by the brothers Angelo and Vitale Moretti; it was the first company in Italy and Europe to manufacture cellular polycarbonate systems in the late Seventies.

PolyPIÙ was founded in 2006 by Domenico, Cristina and Elisabetta Moretti, and in 2017 the young Andrea and Marco Moretti joined its board of directors, guaranteeing continuity to a family business that has been actively working for innovation in construction for over forty years.

The professionalism that is synonymous with PolyPIÙ solutions is the result of the expertise of its technical staff, especially concerning the design of curtain walls, modular polycarbonate systems and roofing.

The company is constantly at work with Designers and installers of skylights and industrial coverings, to whom it is deeply committed and offers all the available resources in terms of practical and performing solutions.


Future-oriented products and solutions

The constant research for innovative and technologically advanced solutions is at the core of PolyPIÙ’s philosophy, which is obvious in their continuous creation of new products for an innovative conception of excellent, performing, and reliable building techniques.

For PolyPIÙ, building means seeking excellence in the design of our solutions as well as the high level of advice and services we guarantee to all our clients.

The healthy competitivity that has always defined PolyPIÙ is associated with constant professionalism, the ability to understand and anticipate the needs of an industry which is dynamic by nature, and an innate orientation to listening and cooperation. We are always ready to study and investigate new projects with our collaborators, with the ultimate goal of providing timely and concrete answers to the most challenging requirements.

PolyPIÙ is the ideal partner for the most diverse projects because its core values are communication and research. The company can thus present itself as a solid and luminous technological response for a construction industry that is truly capable of evolving and surpassing itself.

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