Our certifications


Issued by specific bodies and based on different tests

PolyPIÙ products have several certifications, issued by specific authorities, and based on different types of tests, depending on the quality or technical feature that needs to be ascertained.

More specifically, our products can be certified for their reaction to fire, soft body tests, noise reduction, thermal transmittance, and other requirements.

It should be noted that not all PolyPIÙ products have all the certifications, of which we provide an extract below. Please get in touch with our team for more specific information.

To view the certifications, access the reserved area.

The production

The production process of PolyPIÙ polycarbonate solutions is entirely conducted by the company with innovative and cutting-edge machinery to create high-quality products.

The polycarbonate sheets are produced by hot extrusion, a process in which the polycarbonate is transformed from a granule into a plastic (molten) state, then it is passed through a matrix to assume its final shape. As it cools down, the material maintains the shape imposed in the finished product.

Another process, called “co-extrusion”, is necessary for the sheets that will be exposed to sunlight : an external UV protection layer is applied directly on the sheet and becomes part of it during the production phase.

PolyPIÙ has decades of experience in the production of polycarbonate sheets. Our technical staff is highly qualified and the company’s production facilities are technologically innovative.

Our reliability is a guarantee for our clients, who will be guided and supported in choosing the best product for their requirements.

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