Why choose PolyPIÙ

PolyPIÙ represents better quality, more services, and more satisfaction. The Company is young, solid, and dynamic; we are constantly searching for more advanced and technologically innovative solutions for the production of polycarbonate sheets and multiwall and compact systems for industrial, commercial, and residential construction. Our clients choose our solutions for their reliability, flexibility, and versatility, as well as the high quality of our technical and commercial assistance.

Our certifications

PolyPIÙ products have several certifications, issued by specific authorities, and based on different types of tests, depending on the quality or technical feature that needs to be ascertained. More specifically, our products can be certified for their reaction to fire, soft body tests, noise reduction, thermal transmittance, and other requirements.

Guaranteed quality

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard establishes and certifies that PolyPIÙ manufactures, operates, designs, and sells multiwall or compact polycarbonate sheets in compliance with the quality standards required by the law. Our high level of production is always associated with a complete focus on the clients and their requirements.


Polycarbonate is a material that has had a significant increase in applications with its specific technical features and incredible versatility: in fact, it is used successfully in many industries such as Construction, Food production, Mechanical, Automotive, Medical production, and many others. You will find out why it is so efficient when you explore our website.


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Over forty years of research and innovation

PolyPIÙ was founded in 2006, and it has its roots solidly planted in a family business that has been actively working on the innovation of the construction sector for over forty years, while searching for solutions for more excellent, performing, and reliable building techniques.


A passionate team for smart and
effective solutions

Domenico Moretti

General Manager

Cristina Moretti

Administrative Manager

Andrea Moretti

Sales Manager Italy

Elisabetta Moretti

Logistics Manager

Marco Moretti

Production Manager


Our business goal is the satisfaction
of our clients

“Teamwork shares duties and multiplies success.”

The PolyPIÙ team

“Many hands make the work lighter.”

The PolyPIÙ team

“This Company would be worth nothing without its people.”


The PolyPIÙ team

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