BAU 2023


BAU 2023

The biennial BAU trade fair in Munich is the world-wide event where leading industry players come together to offer a comprehensive and detailed overview of the latest market trends, and this year attracted 190,000 participants from all over the planet.

Polypiù participated in this edition by presenting a decidedly unconventional stand characterised by bold, strong and trendy colours.

Polypiù’s exhibition winked at the world of interior design, showing polycarbonate as an innovative and modern material, used to decorate interiors in a surprising and yet elegant way: large polycarbonate sails dominated a unique simple stand.

Polypiù’s iconic products can be found in the stand: Lighipiù Luxe in Chinese blue to cover the walls of the meeting rooms, Grecapiù and Panelpiù polycarbonate sheets to create the play of colours of the upper sails.

The real stars of the fair, however, are the new products: Polybox and the new thermal break profiles made for the German market.

Polybox is an innovative product designed by Polypiù for the construction of skylights.

Developed with the evolving needs of our customers in mind, Polybox consists of a convenient pre-assembled panel with two multiwall polycarbonate sheets: one shaped for the outer roof and the other flat for the inner ceiling. With a range of profiles and thicknesses, plus perimeter sealing in polycarbonate and polyethylene foam, Polybox is available in various sizes, and is designed to integrate seamlessly with composite roof panels.

See you at the next edition in 2025!

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