Quality guaranteed


Quality guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard establishes and certifies that PolyPIÙ manufactures, operates, designs, and sells multiwall or compact polycarbonate sheets in compliance with the quality standards required by the law. Our high production level is always associated with a complete focus on the clients and their needs.

PolyPIÙ believes in complete transparency and considers it essential to establish the warranty conditions that the company can offer at the purchase of its polycarbonate products.


PolyPIÙ sheets must pass a series of laboratory tests successfully, that are specifically designed to evaluate their performance: this is the only way for the company to consistently ensure its high design and production standards.

The product warranty begins on the invoice date and lasts for ten years. As conventionally established, the guarantee is issued as an amount that will decrease according to the time elapsed since the date of purchase of the material.

The warranty covers only the replacement of the product that is subject to dispute. Therefore, no request can be made for the expenses incurred for the replacement of already installed materials.


PolyPIÙ products
with UV protection

  • There must not be scratches and/or abrasions
  • They must not be damaged by connection, fixing and/or insulation elements
  • They must not have been exposed to chemical agents or corrosive materials
  • They must have the UV-protected side facing outwards and exposed to weather conditions
  • They must have been sold and installed in Europe
Incorrect use of the product and/or its possible tampering will result in the forfeiture of the warranty. PolyPIÙ is not liable for direct or indirect damage to people or property during the use of the product. Below you can see facsimiles of the product warranties that PolyPIÙ provides with its products.

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