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PolyPiù is a young and dynamic company with a wide experience in the field of the industrial and civil building construction.

Polyù Italiana was the first company to produce multiwall polycarbonate systems in Italy and Europe in the late ’70s and it was a founded by the brothers Angelo and Vitale Moretti. Polyù ceased the activity at the end of 2009.

With the same goals, after a few years and precisely in February 2006, a new company, PolyPiù, was founded by Domenico, Cristina and Elisabetta Moretti, and in 2017 as new directors entered young Andrea and Marco Moretti.

Their professionalism is the result of the cooperation of the technical staff, provided with proven skills in the design and construction of glazings, modular polycarbonate systems and coverings.

Polypiù is always supporting designers and installers of skylights and industrial coverings, committing all his efforts and resources to always propose the most effective solutions.

PolyPiù is always looking for innovative and technologically advanced solutions confirming its devotion through the continuous realization of new up to date products. Polypiù is a point of reference for a constantly developing building construction, which seeks excellence giving the customers a consultancy and advice service.

The constant desire to renew, makes Polypiù the most competitive company in the building industry, thanks to the incomparable professionalism and the listening and cooperative spirit of the passionate collaborators, always ready to deepen and study new projects, giving answers to every question.

PolyPiù is a safe choice, an ideal and capable partner, ready to discuss, research and proposing itself as the technological, strong and luminous answer for a dynamic building industry in a continuous evolution.

Operative HQ: Via A. da Giussano, 15 – 20011 Corbetta (MI), Italy
Registered legal HQ: via Murri, 24 int. 27 – 20013 Magenta (MI), Italy

T. +39 02 9748371 – F. +39 02 97483799

EMAIL: polypiuinfo@polypiu.it

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