The evolution of PanelPiù: structure changes and performance improves

The evolution of PanelPiù: structure changes and performance improves

In the wide range of PolyPiù solutions, the PanelPiù modular polycarbonate multiwall interlocking system is one of the most popular and widely used worldwide.

The success of this product is due to the opportunity to choose between different thicknesses and the absence of profiles, which are often unsightly.

Today, however, in order to keep up with new customer needs, it is necessary to offer even better performing polycarbonate sheets. For this reason, after intensive research and development work, we have evolved PanelPiù with the aim of making it even better performing.


The new PanelPiù 500/40: what has changed and what are the advantages?


PanelPiù 500/40 is the multiwall polycarbonate solution designed specifically for the construction of vertical curtain walls and industrial windows.

This product comes with a 40 mm thick structure composed of 4 walls, which guarantees good thermal insulation, high transmittance, great wind resistance and an excellent aesthetic effect.

The new PanelPiù 500/40 retains all the advantages of the previous model, but sees two fundamental parameters improved:

  • Thermal insulation;
  • Transmittance.


The reduced passage of heat into the interior of rooms and the increased illumination, which this advanced modular interlocking system in polycarbonate honeycomb provides, depend on a substantial technical change: today, the PanelPiù 500/40 structure provides 5 walls, i.e. one more than its predecessor.


Why choose PanelPiù 500/40?


This PolyPiù product makes it possible to create large windows and curtain walls (length up to 7 metres, for greater extensions just contact the technical office), without joint profiles, so as to create continuous structures.

As already mentioned, the new PanelPiù 500/40 allows increased insulation and the passage of natural light into rooms, with consequent benefits for the environment, in terms of reducing the use of heating or cooling devices and the use of artificial lighting systems. This also translates into lower expenditure on electricity and gas supply.

PanelPiù 500/40 can also be used to create design structures, thanks to the many colours and finishes with which it can be supplied and the absence of joint profiles.


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