The strong points
and benefits of polycarbonate

  • Thermal and mechanical resistance: it is produced by extrusion and, once it has cooled down, it acquires considerable thermal and mechanical resistance.
  • Hardness and sturdiness: make it particularly suitable for applications in construction and interior design and, more generally, for the roofing of buildings.
  • Resistance to load and wind pressure: when exposed to the action of weather conditions, it effectively counteracts shocks and fractures. Polycarbonate’s resistance to hail and impacts are confirmed by regular tests conducted by special certification institutes.
  • Lightness: makes polycarbonate easy to carry and apply in the building sector.
  • Transparency: if equipped with UV protection, polycarbonate is almost completely transparent and remains inalterable even under the sun, and it never yellows. For this reason, PolyPIÙ co-extrudes its sheets while applying a thick layer of UV protection and provides a ten-year warranty on all its products.
  • Ductility and ease of processing: polycarbonate can be adapted to the most diverse requirements. It can be transparent or coloured, and shaped into many different profiles (corrugated/wavy) or flat. It can also be straight or curved, and the curvature process can be cold or hot. This last process makes the product suitable for use in complex structures. Finally, it is easy to use and keeps its shape unaltered, guaranteeing excellent fixing.
  • Extraordinary fire resistance: it can be applied in any area where fire safety is considered crucial when designing a structure. Polycarbonate does not drip when it burns and only melts when it is in contact with high temperatures. Unsurprisingly, this material is the first choice when Firemen introduce their requests for renovations and new works.
  • Thermal insulation: especially concerning multiwall polycarbonate, thanks to its unique structure featuring air chambers. It is possible to guarantee considerable energy savings and there is the option of adjusting the amount of light that enters a specific space (light transmission).
  • Recyclable and easy to clean: use only water and neutral soap to maintain and clean polycarbonate. This material is also reusable in applications where transparency is not a requirement, because it loses its clarity when recycled.
  • Variable thickness: several available thicknesses allow you to choose the product that best suits your needs, both in terms of light transmission and thermal transmittance.

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