Reinforced alveolar CarboPIÙ. Reinforced multiwall polycarbonate sheets with a thicker exterior layer and UV protected. They combine the features of a compact polycarbonate sheet together with the good insulating properties of normal multiwall sheets. They are more resistant to unforeseen impacts, hail, weathering and are fire rated as per Euroclass Bs1d0. A series of finishing and closing accessories is available to complete the installation of the sheets.


  • Good thermal insulation
  • Available flat and curved
  • High load resistance
  • High resistance to wind pressure
  • High light transmission
  • Possibility of opening portions
  • UV protection
  • Heat sealing
  • Complete system of accessories



  • Available colors:
    Neutral and opaline
  • For minimum size:
    3000 kg
  • Product certifications:
    Fire class


  • A Continuous curved covering
  • C Continuous skylight
  • D Continuous skylight with possibility of windows
  • H Covered passages
  • I Possibility of external covering
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