TecnoPIÙ is a PolyPIÙ innovation

A product designed, made and patented thanks to the tireless research of its technical staff, able to create a unique solution, conceived by the union between a multiwall polycarbonate box profile sheet and a fall-proof metal net.

Pre-assembled therefore to offer a higher level of safety for installing skylights, in conjunction with metal sheets or panels in flat roof coverings, while also keeping down the costs for installation and labour.

In addition, the commitment of TecnoPIÙ has received Reports and Certificates of Testing from the CSI institute regarding the soft-body shock resistance according to legislation EN 14963:2006 and the Fire reaction Certification Euroclass B s1 d0, issued by the CSI (IMQ Group).

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  • Good thermal insulation
  • Available flat or curved
  • Good load bearing resistance
  • High wind pressure resistance
  • Ease / cheapness of fitting
  • UV protection
  • Heat sealing
  • Complete accessory system


  • C Continuous skylight
  • G Curved and flat covering overlappable with sandwich panels



Colours available:
Neutral and opaline

Customisable colours available on request:

Certifications achieved:
Fire class
Shock tests 1200 Joules

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ST TECNO01-Corrugation 5G
PDF 541 KB

ST TECNO02-Corrugation 6G
PDF 610 KB

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