Multiwall carbopiù

Multiwall carbopiù

Multiwall CarboPIÙ. High quality multiwall polycarbonate sheets with excellent and exclusive performance characteristics. Available in many different thickness types and cell structures, to satisfy the most varied of application demands: from simple coverings to more complex covered walkways flat or cold curved, from applications requiring high thermal insulation and excellent brightness to those looking for simplicity and low cost of work for making and fitting or also DIY, windows, skylights, verandas, greenhouses, roofing, interior partitioning, and external vertical glazing, on civil and industrial buildings.


  • Good thermal insulation
  • Available flat or curved
  • Good load bearing resistance
  • High wind pressure resistance
  • Good light transmission
  • Option of opening parts
  • UV protection
  • Heat sealing
  • Complete accessory system


  • A Continuous curved covering
  • C Continuous skylight
  • D Continuous skylight with possibility of windows
  • H Covered passages
  • I Possibility of external covering
  • L Cantilever canopies

Polycarbonate applications


Colours available:
Neutral and opaline

Colors available upon customers’ request:
Smoky-brown, blue, green.

For minimum quantity:
3000 kg

Certifications achieved:
Fire class


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Multiwall CarboPIÙ sheets, demonstrate highly qualified technical/physical features: high light transmittance, excellent protection against UV rays, good resistance to accidental impacts, bad weather, hail and changes in temperature.

They are self-extinguishing according to Euroclass B s1 d0 or B s2 d0 and upon the thickness and they present a good thermal insulation according to the type of internal structure.

Sheet ends can be either sealed with a ‘U’ cap or with an aluminium adhesive foil tape, while for joining sheets polycarbonate profiles or aluminium sticks can be used


Multiwall CarboPIÙ – Features Chart

ST CARBO02 Single wall 4mm – 6mm
PDF 139 KB

ST CARBO10-3 Walls 8mm – 10mm
PDF 170 KB

ST CARBO04 X-Structure 32_40
PDF 150 KB

ST CARBO03-X-Structure 16-20
PDF 213 KB

ST CARBO05-NdA 16 mm – 20mm
PDF 189 KB

ST CARBO08-7 Walls 16-25
PDF 151 KB

ST CARBO09-X-Structure 25-32-40
PDF 193 KB

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