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Polypiù, thanks to its technical staff and the up to date technologies they own, are able to offer to their clients different customization types.

Customization for companies producing panels, corrugated sheets or prefabricated parts in concrete or iron, for example, which can request to Polypiù two different types of customization:

Choosing something already in the catalog and asking to realize the same product but in conformity with the dimensions of their profile (for sandwich or covering panels);
Asking our technical staff to study, project and design something new, which respects the geometries and thermal performances required to achieve their purpose. In this case PolyPiù studies the product, the required steps to produce it, submits to the customer a quotation as “contribution to production costs” to realize the necessary extrusion equipment and a price per square meter of product.
Should the customer accept the proposal for the project, a new “customized” product is born.

Customization for DESIGN or architectural requirement: usually, the request comes from an architect or an end customer usually for exclusively aesthetic reasons:

Environmental impact;
Corporate colors of the end customer.
In these cases, a customization of an existing product is usually required in terms of: color, lighting effects (LED lights) or printing also in the version of blow-ups directly on the material (printed facades by PLOTTER).

In both cases PolyPiù owns clear capabilities:

Personalized packaging: if a customer wants his name to appear on the product, PolyPiù shall personalize the protective film so that the product is visually associated to the Customer
Customized treatments: it refers to the possibility of customizing, for example, the UV protection or the thermal performances of the product by varying the percentages of the components being extruded.
For more information on this topic and to submit to our technical staff a customized project, please contact us: our staff will be glad to provide all the useful information and will support you step by step.

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