Our project for New Horizon School in London

Our project for New Horizon School in London

The aesthetics of this school center near London is characterized by a long canopy whose irregular shape accompanies the façade for about 40 meters. The roof is made of a cantilever metal structure with a zig-zag pattern, covered on both the upper and lower sides with our SystemPiù. Our solution is a 16-mm thick interlocking alveolar polycarbonate panel with a steel profile that joins all the sheets together, allowing them to be anchored to the substructures. The final result ensures excellent statics for the system.

SystemPiù’s exceptional versatility made it possible to adapt each element’s shape to the canopy’s irregular shape, ensuring both homogeneity and continuity of the cladding.

The upper part is buffered with a neutral-colored satin panel that allows a high passage of light; the lower part exploits the benefits of a diffusing opaline hue, which allows for better quality, more uniform and better-diffused light.

Inside the “sandwich” formed these two claddings, protected from the rain by the upper panels, there are lighting fixtures that, at night, allow the illumination of the passage below with homogeneous and non-dazzling light. This noticeable benefit results from the particular opaline pigmentation of the lower panels.

In the lower cladding, hatches can be opened to access the lighting system whenever maintenance is required.

The New Horizon School project excellently illustrates the flexibility of our system, which offers not only the chance of combining panels of three different thicknesses (12, 16 and 20 mm) with five different steel pillars, but also the option of using a wide range of chromatic hues for the coloring of the slabs. SystemPiù also offers the chance to calender the pillars.

SystemPiù offers virtually endless chances in terms of application, both on walls and flat or vaulted roofs.

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