PolyPiù and IED partnership: here are the winners and their extraordinary project

PolyPiù and IED partnership: here are the winners and their extraordinary project

PolyPiù’s summer was marked by an important initiative in collaboration with IED, the prestigious European Institute of Design in Milan.

The partnership, created to contribute to the development of the design of the future by allowing the talent of the new generations to express itself freely, was first outlined in a guided tour at the company’s headquarters and then in the creation of PMMA prototypes by the students involved.

The goal was to give shape to new design ideas that, after being viewed and selected by PolyPiù’s top management, would be transformed into actual multiwall polycarbonate products.

Five proposals were submitted by as many “teams” of IED students, which we have discussed in detail in this previous article: Reflection, the light installation that creates plays of light on the walls; a fascinating suspended greenhouse-like piece intended for spas; SpazioPiù, the new solution that delimits and creates communication between coworking spaces; an extraordinary outdoor design inspired by the colors and dynamism of water; and, finally, the graceful outdoor installation DivanettoPiù and PoltronaPiù.

During last August, PolyPiù carefully examined the submitted prototypes, identifying the one to be transformed into a real polycarbonate product. The resulting object was later presented at IED in mid-September, and the team of future designers who designed it were awarded for their work.

Identifying a winner from among these talents was objectively very complex, as each of the teams involved in the project was able to demonstrate creativity, a spirit of collaboration, a deep understanding of the material and a real orientation toward innovation.

The winner is the ligt installation "Reflection"

Last October 10, 2022, during a meeting held by PolyPiù at the European Institute of Design in Milan, the working group formed by students Giulia De Gois, Elisa Gorra and Erica Maruelli was elected winner of the contest: their project “Reflection” was in fact ranked first among those examined by the company management by virtue of its marked synergy between product quality and design ability.

“Reflection” is a lighting design consisting of a family of lamps that, operating simultaneously, create a decorative light installation on the walls onto which the light is projected. The line consists of a table lamp, a floor model and an aluminum wall sconce made of polycarbonate multiwall sheets in different colors and side by side. Providing the striking reflective effect on the walls is the backlighting of the polycarbonate honeycombs.

PolyPiù justifies its choice with these words, “Easily made and assembled, Reflection is a product with a democratic and transversal design, easily conveyed to as many people as possible, and therefore marketable and affordable.”

“The essential and elegant design of the products in the Reflection range also suits different environments and different styles. The line creates a luminous installation on the walls onto which it is projected thanks to the passage of light through the polycarbonate sheets, emphasizing the material’s own characteristics of lightness and transparency.”

Our sincere congratulations go to the winning team as well as to all participants for their talent and commitment: you are the great designers of the future!