Polycarbonate treatments and colours

Our sheets are 100% Made in Italy

Our range of products includes polycarbonate sheets with flat, box, or corrugated wave profiles.

As manufacturers, we are able to customise the length of sheets, colours and treatments sustained. Guided by the recommendations and advice of our expert technicians.

The treatments that are possible, in particular, include:

  • IR treatment;
  • reflective;
  • non-stick;
  • UV ray protection;
  • printing on sheet with plotter printer in colour or black and white with UV protection.

It is possible to produce monochromatic sheets or also two colour sheets.

Our team will be happy to be able to provide all the technical support necessary for any type of job from the design up to the assembly phase and implementation. Designs, structure, requirements needed, characteristics looked for, are all elements to be necessarily taken into consideration in order to sustain the job from its conception through to its realisation.

Every request is a world unto itself being that it must be analysed unequivocally, because each client has their own needs and technical specifications and our objective is to satisfy them in the best possible way.

Operative HQ: Via A. da Giussano, 15 – 20011 Corbetta (MI), Italy
Registered legal HQ: via Murri, 24 int. 27 – 20013 Magenta (MI), Italy

T. +39 02 9748371 – F. +39 02 97483799

EMAIL: polypiuinfo@polypiu.it

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