Polycarbonate and Technologies

The production process takes place entirely at our premises in the province of Milan with cutting edge machinery, that are innovatively conceived and allow the creation of products of a high standard of quality.

The polycarbonate sheets are produced by an extrusion process, a process that takes place at high temperatures in which polycarbonate in granular form is transformed into a plastic state (molten) and then passed into a matrix which gives it its shape. On cooling the material keeps the shape set in the final product phase of the process.

For sheets that will be exposed to the sun, a further process is necessary which is called “co-extrusion”, during which an extra external layer is applied directly to the sheet, which provides UV protection, in a way that means it already becomes part of the sheet during the production phase.

Polypiù haS several decades of experience in the field of polycarbonate sheet production, our technical staff are highly qualified and our machine inventory is technologically innovative.

Our reliability is a safe guarantee for our clients, who will be guided and supported in their choice of product in a way that will best satisfy their needs and requirements.

Operative HQ: Via A. da Giussano, 15 – 20011 Corbetta (MI), Italy
Registered legal HQ: via Murri, 24 int. 27 – 20013 Magenta (MI), Italy

T. +39 02 9748371 – F. +39 02 97483799

EMAIL: polypiuinfo@polypiu.it

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