Our solutions for architecture

Our solutions for architecture
Polypiù has recently established the Polypiù Project Design department.

The target of this department is to help Architects and Designers in a proactive and concrete way to choose the best polycarbonate solutions to realize their projects, whether they are simple or complex, meeting, thanks to the wide range of highly innovative and quality products, the increasingly challenging demand as far as performance and safety as well as aesthetics and product customization concerns.

Polypiù Project Design was created to provide concrete answers and real solutions to different needs that may arise as a result of various project in polycarbonate applications, in various kind of fields, from the traditional to the most unusual ones: an example is the interior design, to which Polypiù proposes products specially thought and designed for interior furnishings such as private houses and offices, as well as retail points up to the realization of real architectural projects, like facades of entire buildings.

Our technical team provides to architects and designers their distinguishing professionalism, their experience and the great passion to create “tailor-made” solutions, supplying the products which best meet the needs and technical characteristics required by the shared projects.

This because the goal of Polypiù has always been realizing the wishes of their customers, providing them with “that little extra something” and discovering from time to time the different and innovative uses of polycarbonate: a material that never stops surprising.

Operative HQ: Via A. da Giussano, 15 – 20011 Corbetta (MI), Italy
Registered legal HQ: via Murri, 24 int. 27 – 20013 Magenta (MI), Italy

T. +39 02 9748371 – F. +39 02 97483799

EMAIL: polypiuinfo@polypiu.it

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