The use of PanelPiù for this particular application in a bank, allowed the realization of a specific installation on the wall as a separator panel between different environments thanks to the particular tongue and groove joining system, to the linearity of its surface and the high stiffness, necessary on important glazings.
This remarkable result was achieved because PanelPiù represents, in fact, a particular evolution of a modular systems and, thanks to its production quality, allows the application also as an internal wall.
PanelPiù is a modular tongue and groove system, made of extruded polycarbonate in different types of thickness and designed for the realization of vertical glazings and even industrial windows. Due to its high light transmission value, good thermal insulation properties and excellent aesthetic effect, result of the elimination of the unpleasant joint profiles, PanelPiù is one of the most appreciated products for glazings with the possibility of opening.

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