Compact polycarbonate is a material which can be used in a variety of sectors, first of all in the building industru due to its versatility, but also in aeronautics, transport and even optics.
In general, polycarbonate is a material characterized by its resistance and durability over time, but what is the difference between compact and alveolar polycarbonate?
Compact polycarbonate is different from the multiwall one essentially for its total transparency. The compact polycarbonate sheets also have excellent physical and mechanical properties, are in fact resistant to shocks and their elasticity makes them almost unbreakable. Among the features of compact polycarbonate there is also UV protection together with an excellent brightness, perfect features for the realization of canopies, canopies and greenhouses.
Among the products offered by PolyPiù there are the compact polycarbonate sheets 1.5 mm, which can filter the light and distribute it optimally. Despite its very small thickness, this sheet can withstand the weather, including hail, without any problems.