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Polycarbonate is a material that over the years has undergone a large increase regarding its use, it is indeed used in the construction, food, mechanical, automotive, and medical industry sectors as well as many others.

In particular, thanks to Polypiù systems, it is possible to create many building and architectural works.

Windows can be created, therefore doing engineering works that have a large visual impact. They are in fact easily paired with or added to special profiles with seals that allow the profile to be put into operation by guaranteeing protection against weathering.

Polypiù offers a wide range of products, through which it is possible to make flat and curved coverings, in continuous applications or singular, partitioning and vertical glazing, northlights, opening or fixed skylights, overhanging roof canopies and also canopies of various sizes.

We work for companies but also private commissions, in fact we have thought about simpler applications, researched and designed especially for DIY jobs.

For example, we can supply Overhanging roof platforms or polycarbonate sheets that are very easy to secure.

Easypiù, in fact, using a special side catch, allows individuals to easily and quickly secure the product with screws and baz washers.
If a covering for the garden is required, or a covered space for the car, Cover Patio is ideal. It has an aluminium supporting structure that does not require any maintenance, and thanks to standard measurements which we have available, it can be easily adapted to the spaces that are free to use.
To get to know all about the different applications of our products, please visit the dedicated page:

Polycarbonate applications

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