Applications of polycarbonate



Polycarbonate is a material that has undergone a tremendous increase in applications over the years: it is in fact used in the construction, food production, mechanical, automotive, medical industries, and many more.

PolyPIÙ systems allow you to create various building and architectural works, such as windows, giving life to engineering works of significant visual impact. The sheets can be easily coupled or inserted into special profiles with gaskets that allow them to be installed, ensuring effective sealing against weather conditions.

PolyPIÙ offers a wide range of products to create flat and curved roofs, continuous or single application, vertical walls and claddings, sheds, openable or fixed skylights, cantilever canopies, and even canopies of different sizes.

We cater to companies and private users. We have designed solutions for more straightforward applications, specially designed for DIY projects, for the latter in particular. For example, we can provide cantilevered canopies or very easy-to-install polycarbonate panels.

Two other PolyPIÙ products especially appreciated by private users are:

  • Easypiù: it allows quick and easy installation with screws thanks to its special side hook.
  • Patio Cover: perfect to cover the garden or to create a protection for your car, thanks to its maintenance-free aluminium support structure and standard sizes, that can be easily adapted to the available space.

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