UV protected extruded multiwall polycarbonate self-supporting modular system for industrial vertical glazing and industrial flat and curved covering.

SystemPIU’ is a versatile multiwall polycarbonate system suitable for vertical glazing, flat and curved covering of large size, thanks to its modularity and strength.

The system is composed by multiwall polycarbonate sheets with a special and robust X-wall internal structure providing better withstand capability and lower insulation value. The extruded ‘U’ shape of the sheet allows for a perfect clipping into open topped, plastic coated or zinc-plated steel channels to create an attractive glazed area free from unsightly protruding glazing bar caps.

The aluminium joining channel is installed inwards and gives the system a remarkable withstand resistance to snow loads.


  • Perfect water tightness.
  • High withstand capability to wind pressure and snow load
  • Free from micro-cracks.
  • Withstand capability uniformly distributed on covering.
  • Free from tensioning
  • High light transmitting figures
  • Excellent protection to UV solar rays
  • Resistant to shocks, bad weather, temperature changes, hailstones
  • Self-extinguishing as per Euroclass B s1 d0
  • Easy and quick to install

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  • SystemPIÙ - Tabella Caratteristiche

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  • 10-SystemPIU 12 - Giu 16

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  • 11-SystemPIU 16 - giu 16

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  • 12-ST SystemPIU 20 - giu 16

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  • Systempiù 655-12 - Classe B-s1 d0-

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  • Systempiù 655-16 - Classe B-s1-d0-

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  • Systempiù 655-20 - Classe B-s1-d0-

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