UV protected extruded multiwall polycarbonate interlocking modular system for industrial vertical glazings.

PanelPIU’ 500 is a polycarbonate interlocking modular system extruded in various thicknesses (16mm, 20mm, 25mm & 40mm), ideal for the construction of industrial vertical glazings and windows. It is a cost-effective product with a high light transmission figure, good thermal insulation and an attractive aesthetical finish thanks to the elimination of connection profiles.

The PanelPIU’ 500 system is not watertight guaranteed for roofing application.


The polycarbonate corner profile for PanelPIU’ 500/40mm (both for the 4-wall and X-wall version) allows to realize 90° corners between two polycarbonate vertical glazings with a consequent smart aesthetical finish effect. Besides, wholly translucent parallelepipeds and rooms can be created with it. The profile is extruded in UV protected polycarbonate and is available in a wide selection of colour.

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