DIY Products

PolyPiù has always been attentive to all your needs.

We do our best to guarantee top standards in the field of vertical glazing and roofing in either multiwall and single skin polycarbonate sheeting.

PolyPiù’s practical and steady commitment has turned the Company into an important reference and the new range of DIY products is an additional option for your projects.

7 topics

  • Suitable to any needs
  • Easy fitting
  • Weather resistant
  • Stylish and versatile
  • Translucent and bright
  • Long-lasting (10-year warranty)
  • Proudly 100% Italian
  • Cover Patio

    Nuovo sistema di copertura autoportante multiuso

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  • Lightpiù

    Lastre millerighe in policarbonato compatto grecate e ondulate

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  • Overhanging canopies

    Pensiline autoportanti

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  • Easypiù

    Policarbonato modulare con sistema di aggancio

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  • PanelPiù

  • Multiwall Carbopiù

  • Single Skin Carbopiù

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