UV protected extruded multiwall polycarbonate self-supporting dome reinforced on the outer layer for skylights on industrial roofing.

CoverbanPIU’ is a unique dome extruded from multiwall polycarbonate, reinforced on the external layer and with a 5-wall structure. It is an innovative product meeting with good success as industrial skylight. Its special shape, directly obtained through extrusion, shows no micro-cracks and, thanks to the properties of extruded polycarbonate along with the anchoring system and the closing headers, gives the dome an extraordinary robustness and a perfect linear smoothness of the surface.

CoverbanPIU’ ensures good performances, is strong and highly insulating, has a remarkable capability to withstand uniformly distributed loads, shows no tensioning, has got a fine light transmittance and a superior protection to UV rays, is resistant to accidental impacts, bad weather, temperature changes and hailstones. Besides, it is quick, easy and cost effective to install.

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  • Scheda Tecnica 31 - CoverbanPIÙ

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  • CoverbanPIÙ - Tabella Caratteristiche

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  • Certificazioni - CoverbanPIÙ - UNI EN 13501-1 Classe fuoco

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  • Certificazioni - CoverbanPIÙ - EN 10077-2 2004 Trasmittanza

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