Cover Patio

CoverPatio is a multiwall polycarbonate self-supporting roofing system composed by structural profiles in wood or pre-painted aluminium to offer an excellent robustness and a high resistance to weathering. The multiwall polycarbonate panels are extruded with a special and easy-to-clip system and are UV protected on both sides.



  • Car / camper van ports
  • Porch coverings
  • Coverings for playground areas
  • Canopies for garden
  • Shelters for garden
  • Covered walkways


    Smoking areas
  • Loading / unloading platforms
  • Covered paths
  • Canopy on entry door
  • Stocking areas
  • Canopy on shops / bars
  • Playground areas in schools
  • Plant nursery
  • Shelter for cycles and motorcycles


  • Aluminium posts painted off to white RAL 9010 or to charcoal gray with no maintenance works needed
  • Alternatively
  • Posts in laminated timber
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Multiwall polycarbonate Revers 600/10mm system roof covering with clip system
  • Self-supporting over spans as large as 3mtr
  • 10-year warranty of the panel