​Sydney - Polypiù is getting ready to attend as an exhibitor in Design Build fair

Polypiù is getting ready to attend as an exhibitor, Australia's most important international trade show for the building industry, that will take place in Sydney in the first week of May, from the 3rd to the 5th.

DESIGN BUILD is as a matter of fact, the show, when it comes to speak and presenting in terms of architectural. This year also, it will be in correspondence of ARCHIFLIX, a major cinematographic architectural event organised from AIA (Australia Institute of Architects).

The event will obviously host all the major names from the Australian market.

The trade show, will have various kinds of exhibitors and speakers on many interesting topics:

steel and wood structures, interior design, insulated panels, polycarbonate systems, insulation and lining materials, decking and roofing solutions and project technologies are only fewer of the many exciting and curious aspects this event will be out and about.

Companies from South East Asia (Korea, China, Malaysia and Taiwan) Europe (Italy, Germany, France) and from the USA will challenge themselves chasing one of most important and geographically extreme markets in the whole world.

As mentioned visitors will mainly be builders, retailers, and professionals from the building industry but also all those really interested in new technologies and innovative solutions.

PolyPiù will be attending the show with a compact and well organised booth, where a major exposure will be given to the different roofing and cladding multiwall solutions (SmartPiù, GrecaPiù, OndaPiù and PanelPiù), together with the louvering systems featuring "cold and thermal break aluminium profiles".

The SmartPiù range will be one of the major players of this edition, as it will also highlight the great ability of PolyPiù in customising profiles on request, depending on the customer's needs.

It will also be presented and introduced as new to the Australian market, TECNO IMAC, a thermoplastic extruded product manufactured in POLYMGLASS (patented triple layered composite) featuring roofing and walling profiles suitable for agricultural and industrial and residential buildings.

To attend the event, directly from the Italian HQ; Andrea and Marco Moretti will join Cristiano Cochis, Joe Sexton, and Luca Lanzoni as representatives of the Australian branch.

In attending DESIGN BUILD PolyPiù aims to build up new contacts and business relationships whilst trying to :

- improve new products awareness in the Australian market

- build new project opportunities

- amplify the visibility of the Australian PolyPiù branch which is Melbourne based.

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