The polypiu production process

Which is the strong point of the Polypiù polycarbonate production process? The production, entirely carried out in our factory in the province of Milan using up to date and extremely innovative materials, allows the realization of products characterized by very high quality standards. The process that leads to the profiling of the polycarbonate sheets is named hot extrusion, where the molten plastic raw-materials passes into a matrix which conforms it and, once cooled, maintains the given shape. The sheets will then be exposed to the action of the sunrays and therefore require at the same time a co-extrusion process, which foresees that a special layer is applied to protect them from UV rays. Polypiù: the quality and reliability constantly at ...

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International Building Exhibition Kiev

Today begins the International Building Exhibition in Kiev, one of the most important international events in the world in the construction field. Polypiù will take part to the fair and present the company and all this year news. Together with us there will be different companies from all over the world who will present their activities.

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Welcome to IperVelario M / F! Polypiù is proud to present the new product born from many years of experience in this field. IperVelario M / F, is the new modular system currently available in two versions: 1000/40 – 10X with an average transmittance U = 0.99 W / m2K 1000/25 – 10X with an average transmittance U = 1.30 W / m2 The two types of IperVelario will be included into the range of other PanelPiù Velario solutions, and can be used as flat false ceilings to create roof skylights.

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